10 grader dating a 8th grader

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Well they say age is just a number and you guys are only two years apart It would be kinda weird. I mean it just odd for a middle school and high school relationship. Unless of course there is no middle school, than sure, try it out. Just hope for no prom night dumpster babies. Why is a high school diploma so important??? What moron decided that everybody has to go to school and everybody has to finish school? My friends don't like me anymore what should I do? Some kids at school "held" my son down and rubbed a condom on his face. Fear not, such outbursts are merely my way of solidifying external viewers' impression of my unsystematic conduct.

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Its only 3 grades, what if this sophmore is as immature as an 8th grader? The gap feels strange but we don't know these people. Yeah, I was 13 as a freshman, while everyone else was 15, and you could never tell I was younger. We even had the odd 16 year old, and you still couldn't really tell the difference. Placing bets how how long this bot will last before being shadowbanned for being spammy rightfully so.

Do you think it's weird for a 15 year old to date a 13 year old?

Who is the owner of this thing? It's cool but you're probably going to have it banned by most subs: Does he know the Dating Age Rule? For example, let's say you are 30 years old. The lowest acceptable age for your girlfriend is Usually the age gap doesn't matter but as developing kids it does. I still don't really think it matters. I just think mental maturity is key; people tend to go by age, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything about you. I really think it comes down to what each person is like. This is because of development. I'm a junior in high school and we actually look our age give a few kids at least in my school.

But the freshmen look like 10 year olds, no joke. So that would look creepy because a 16 year old kid going out with whom everyone would perceive to be 10 in elementary school would have pedophilic thoughts.

Is it weird for a sophomore to date an 8th grader? : teenagers

Speaking as someone who got far too serious at age 13, I think that's a good rule, in retrospect. I probably would have gone out with her anyway, but if it were forbidden, we probably wouldn't have gone as far as we did. Also, you have to fudge the Creepy Rule a bit at the low end, by half a year to a year, but it holds up surprisingly well. Age 38 with age 28? Age 46 with age 28? I did something similar. We fucked in the bathroom, we were It ruined my perception of girls throughout the majority of high school and 2 years later I got accused of raping her by the police.

I thought the majority of girls were selfish, which made me selfish myself. I was too cynical to maintain that kind of friendship, and as a result I had very little friends.


Plus, I just thought I was better than everyone. I treat twelve-fourteen year olds like proto-adults who aren't good at judging risk and consequences.

Makes perfect sense to me. If you think that middle schoolers are innocent and try to deal with them as such, you will drive yourself insane. My 5th grade teacher knows that all too well, one time she got so frustrated she just up and left and the principal had to come teach us for the rest of the day. At the end of the year we were told she went "back to school", but I know she got fired.

Maybe she went back to school as well. I assume you have trouble in math class cause no the lowest acceptable age for an 80 year old would be My point was the equation has no upper bound so if we are looking in perspective of you 18 then dating an 80 yo is ok, while switching it around of course it is not ok by the equation. Reread what I said carefully, I said if you were the 18 year old. Also, incorrect assumption I took AP calculus last year and I am now taking discrete mathematics as part of my IB high level mass class. Discrete mathematics is a college level course taught after calculus.

I guess it's less your math skills that suck and more your ability to not be a pedantic twat and completely miss the actual point. Although I think the equation is meant to go off the oldest person in the relationship. It's OK for you, but not for your girlfriend. So the relationship wouldn't happen anyway. It's not uncommon for people to start experiencing their first sexual encounters at 16, wich put it in another level than This relationship doesn't mean that they'll experiment sexually, and keep in mind there are people who experiment both earlier and later than others.

No, but it means they're both at different stages relationship wise. Exploring or not, a 16 years old guy has a much more developed sexuality than a 13 years old girl. I don't really think it's that weird. I dated a Junior girl my freshman year and yeah maybe a few friends made snobby jokes about it but it wasn't weird. Was actually one of the more healthy relationships I've had.

The full analysis is of course much more complicated, but I can't stay to talk about it because I have a date. This comic has been referenced times, representing 0. I also have a friend like this except he's a Junior and is about to be 17 in months Honestly though, him and his 8th grader are happy and that's all that matters I guess. But that doesn't stop us from roasting him everyday lol. But just let it be because if they're both happy, it doesn't really matter. I think the context of the situation makes it weirder than it actually is.

Comparing grade gaps is worse than age gaps because in the "real world" a 3 year age gap is fairly common.